$500,000 added to The American Semi-Finals

RFD-TV announces it will add $500,000 to The American Semi Finals purse bringing the total payout to an estimated $1 MILLION! This is great news for rodeo athletes wishing to qualify to the $2 MILLION One-Day Rodeo, The American.

The added money ($500,000) will be divided among the eight rodeo disciplines with $15,000 added to each of the rough stock events. The remaining $455,000 will be divided among the timed events based on Qualifier participation percentages throughout the 2017 season. For example, based on last year’s participation at the team roping qualifiers, RFD-TV would add $125,600, or 27.6% of the remaining $455,000, to the Semi-Finals team roping purse. Add this amount to the estimated $125,000 stemming from qualifier entry fees and you have a total team roping payout estimated at more than $250,000. The following is an EXAMPLE payout:

The American Sample Payout RFD-TV The American Qualifiers
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